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A lawn is much more than merely grass and even amateur gardeners can derive long-term pleasure from their lawn by simply following a few important rules and tips:


Wet Weather Lawn Care

Heavy rains and flooding have left many lawns waterlogged, or worse, covered in silt when flood water recedes. Nature has a wonderful way of recovering from these things, but a few points considered now could give it a helping hand.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Fescue Lawn Tips Rescue Your Fescue

Because of its non-invasive nature and relative low maintenance, fescue is a popular choice of grass for lawns all across the country. However, after a long and hot summer, your fescue lawn can begin to look worn down and sparse. Luckily, the warm days and cool nights of the fall provide us with perfect weather conditions to rejuvenate our fescue lawns. Fescue requires annual reseeding since it doesn

Sowing Your Lawn

The foundation of a perfect lawn is the accurate establishment. A beautiful lawn cannot develop on poor soil therefore soil should be loosened, ideally using a tiller or cultivator. Remove any stones or roots, if necessary, add sand or peat and rake it in roughly.

Scarifying Wellness For Your Lawn

Scarifying is the vertical cutting or scoring of soil and grass roots with special appliances. This ensures improved aeration of the soil, with lawn thatch and weeds being removed.

Mulch Mowing Good For The Environment

When mowing the cut blades of grass are chopped up several times through a special air flow guidance system in the mower blade area, resulting in finely shredded grass particles. These cuttings are well distributed and can be left on the lawn surface, where they partially decompose and are returned to the cycle as fertiliser.

Correct Watering

Grass contains of 80 % water, therefore correct watering is the first step towards a lush green - especially during the Summer.

Correct Fertilising Food For Your Lawn

Usually two fertiliser applications (spring & late summer) per year are enough, provided that cuttings are not regularly returned to the lawn through mulch mowing.

Measurement Of Cutting Height

If you tend to measure the ideal cutting height of the grassy area, you might make use of the following gimmick: Take a thin piece of cardboard, put it on the top of the lawn and measure with the pocket rule.

Fungal Diseases In Your Lawn

What goes for most lawn diseases also goes for fungal infestations: the better the lawn is cared for, the harder it is for weeds, fungi etc.

Green News

Green News

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