HB 585

Impressive on larger areas – the powerful HB 585 tiller.

 VIKING tiller

The HB 560 with a working width of 60 cm and the HB 585 with a width of 85 cm can even be used for tilling entire fields at impressive speed. Special blades break up even hard and compacted soil quickly and efficiently. The working width of the HB 585 can be reduced to 60 cm. The range of practical accessories makes both tillers particularly versatile.


 VIKING tiller

Technical data

Engine type Kohler Courage XT-6 OHV SC
Nominal output at working speed 2.4 kW/3.3HP 3,000 rpm
Working width (cm) 85
Hoe set Ø (cm) 32
Number of hoes (2+1) x 2
Weight (kg) 48


 VIKING tiller

Standard Equipment

Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. VIKING reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.

  • Kohler Courage XT-6 OHV

    Kohler Courage XT-6 OHV

    A powerful, smoothrunning Kohler engine with overhead valves, with excellent processing for a long run. The smart-choke system assures an easy-going and reliable start.

  • Dividable hoe set

    Dividable hoe set

    All VIKING tillers have a dividable hoe set, via which the tilling width can be reduced, and can therefore also be used for narrow crop arrangements. The lateral discs also protect plants from damage during tilling.

  • Brake spur

    Brake spur

    The brake spur is easy to adjust for different working depths

  • Adjustable handlebar

    Adjustable handlebar

    The height and sides of the handlebars can be adjusted without the need for tools. The handlebar can simply be folded up for transport and storage.

  • 2 x transport wheels

    2 x transport wheels

    The large VIKING tillers have a rear pair of wheels for transport, that can be flipped up while working.

 VIKING tiller


  • AZG 030

    Additional weight (2 x 9 kg)

  • AHK 700

    The ridger as accessory for the HB 585 and VH 660 tillers.

  • AMR 030

    Eisenräder AMR 030

  • ALA 700

    Snorkel system for air intake as accessory for the HB 585 tiller

  • APO 030

    Fuel suction pump, suitable for all petrol-driven models

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